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With the desire to personalize our children's education and travel the country, our family left public school and stepped into the unfamiliar world of homeschooling.  Over the past four years, I've learned the importance of prioritizing two things:  teaching my children about the world around them and giving them the opportunity to explore their own interests.  My husband and I have been intentional about raising children who are compassionate, informed, and equipped with the skills needed to make a difference in their world.  Bookshelf Academy was born out of the desire to empower other families to homeschool in a meaningful way.  Education is not only the key to success, it is the key to growth and change.  I hope to provide your family with free materials and resources that will help you on your own journey to raising difference makers.

If you have any questions about the materials here on the site or about homeschooling in general, feel free to email me anytime. 

I love to help others find their joy in this journey!  

- Ashley Lucas, Creator -



Our Goals at Bookshelf Academy:

1. Study both the past and the present in order to understand how we got to where we are today and what we can do to make the world a better place. 

2. Study other cultures to gain an understanding, appreciation, and love for people who are different from us.


We believe the best way to achieve these goals is by reading living books rather than dry, boring textbooks.  We've put together curriculum materials that are built around wonderful, diverse book choices, many written by own voices.  

We are committed to offering these guides at no cost in order to free up your resources for other homeschool materials.  

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