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For this last week of 2021, I thought it would be fun to share the NY Times student quiz with you all! Our family really enjoyed seeing how much we remembered and even learning some things we didn’t know. You can pull it up on your laptop or cast the questions onto your tv screen for everyone to read and share their answers. Be prepared for some heated discussions over the answers, though. ;) You also might just find yourselves digging deeper into some of the topics and events. You can follow the link here:


If you are a National Geographic subscriber, don’t forget to also check out the year in photos here:

If you aren’t a subscriber, I highly recommend it! For $20/ yr you get access to so much wonderful content- articles and videos. It’s perfect for nature, science, and history lovers. It’s been a wonderful addition to many of our studies. I don’t make any money off of subscriptions. I’m simply sharing because we’ve enjoyed it so much. You can subscribe here at this link:


I know 2021 has been hard in so many ways for so many. I hope, however, you have some memories from the last 12 months that have made you smile.

I hope that the next year brings goodness, joy, and happy homeschooling to your family!

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