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There's no escaping the news coming out of Afghanistan this week. As the US wraps up a decades long war and presence in the country, the Taliban has rapidly regained control of most of Afghanistan's cities.

Looking at the past, along with the present helps us give our children a complete view of world events, and in this short post I wanted to share with you a few resources to help you talk to your children about Afghanistan's past and present.

The following resources are best suited for Middle and High School:

This New York Times article provides an overview of the timeline of how we got from 2001 to where we are today. There are many more interesting articles within the main article, and you could spend as long as you'd like exploring them all.

This article linked is one of ten I am allowed to share as a free gift with non-NYT subscribers. If you wish to read any of the other articles, you would need a subscription, but it's very affordable and worth it if you include current events in your older child's learning experience.


Each of these books will give your children insight into the events that have shaped Afghanistan into the country it is today. Ground Zero follows two children, living worlds and years apart, but connected by the events of 9-11. It is a heart-wrenching, eye opening book that is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand the effects the War on Terror has had on the Afghan people.

The Kabul Chronicles is set in the 1970's, during a time when Afghanistan was controlled by the Soviet Union. The books are based on the life of the author's husband. Somewhat of a mystery story, they offer insight into a time and place in the world often overlooked, but nevertheless impactful.

You can click each book above to read more about them. While these are affiliate links that offer me a very small portion of any purchase, I highly recommend you check your local library and second hand book shops as well.

If you are looking for books about Afghanistan for your youngest learners, check out our Global Community Picture Book List HERE.

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